“Zezão” of 39 years is a new icon of the new art in Sao Paulo. Master Intuitive transforms its handcaps into lethal weapons.
It explores the deeper issues of contemporary art without resorting to theoretical, but with great presence of mind and
courage to face them head on. His art is installation, site-specific, performance, painting, calligraphy, photography, video.
It is abstract, conceptual, aesthetic, political and, especially, pop. Zezão is an urban phenomenon. He found a whole underground
world hidden beneath the metropolis. He knows the innards of the city and sign his calligraphy fantastic scenarios unimaginable
lost between alleys, urban debris and wreckage.

His work takes a socio-political dimension, because the artist deals with the urban outcasts who inhabit this world and
reveals the existence of such misery, through the photos you take to document their work inaccessible to the general public.
The work of Zezão is being written in letters rude but very poetic. Self-taught artist, intuitive, abstract Zezão takes
the site-specific and performance art to unprecedented levels. Many of the key issues to contemporary art are being
discussed in the premises, videos, films, photographs and paintings by Zezão.



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